Open the Gate for Me!

NOTE: This is a pic of my cat, Sir Bassy, on top of the garden gate, okay? (This is to prove my point with this story.)

Well, I was near the garden gate. On the other side was Sir Bassy. He had spotted me and came up and meowed… “Seeing you are there, you can open the gate for me.” But I said, “You have legs to jump and claws to climb… you can get over the gate yourself.”

I think he plays on my sympathy from some months ago, when he was bashed up in a fight and his leg had become infected. He couldn’t put much pressure on it and seemed to take ages to heal. He could jump up on things but couldn’t jump down, so he would sit there and cry for someone to get him down. So he has formed this habit.

However, I am telling this story so I can share something about life. I see there are many people like my cat. They get stuck in a cycle of poverty or “helplessness”. They believe they need someone to rescue them. They expect that kind-hearted people will “open the gate” for them.

Even as parents, our own kids can trick us. We hear a cry… “Mummy, help me, I am stuck.”… (age does not matter…they can be 2 or 22.) I think we can all relate, and we did the same with our parents.

So whether it is our own kids (or pets), or someone who comes to us destitute, sometimes our desire to help can be more of a hindrance than a help…. hmmmm…..

(says me as the cat comes and jumps on the computer and tries to wipe out what I’ve just typed… hahaha!! Now time for a cuppa….)

Now, I’ve been thinking some more. I have been thinking to myself about this little story, and I can see myself doing the same things with God. I cry out to God, “Please open the gate!!”

But God says. “You climb over!!” But I say, “It is too hard!!” and God says, “I gave you strong legs and you can do it!!”… and the argument goes on… “No I can’t!!” …. “Oh, YES YOU CAN!!!”

Hmmmmm….. I think I remember Moses and Gideon having similar arguments with God….

And this reminds me of a dream I had last week…. but I will share it in another post…

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About Jeanettesozpix

A graphic and photographic artist, and writer. I love the Lord Jesus, and love this world He made, and love to meet people around the world, and help where I can. I have been privileged to be able to help a number of African contacts set up their Wordpress blogs, and in the process get to know them well. As a result I have been able to share in their ministries and missions.
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2 Responses to Open the Gate for Me!

  1. Reminds me of me – my first response to a call from God is almost always “I can’t do THAT!” I guess I’m right too. I can’t do it, but Christ in me can – and does. When I’ve completed the task, I look at the results and I KNOW it wasn’t my work. What a privilege to be used by Him.

    Maybe next time, I’ll agree without argument . . .

    • segullah says:

      Thanks for the comment. I do appreciate.
      And then today, I was having one of those completely disorganized days… trying to find important papers in the middle of this chaos. I said to myself I will clean this up and get them sorted… so the kitchen table is covered in papers from the past 2 years. Then I get interrupted by a phone call over some papers I was filling out for my hubby (which I’d been procrastinating with, cause it was one of those awful jobs..). The lady says that he was so blessed to have such and organized lady!! … cough! cough!! Oh… if only she knew!!!

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